Les Véhicules Motorisés International

Not only Les Véhicules Motorisés International (VMI Location) is a motorsports rental organization, we are also motorsports fans and we want you to discover the joys these sports can provide you.

We offer a wide range of Bombardier 2011 snowmobiles for rental. Whether you prefer taking a ride, performance, off-road or mountain ride, we have just the right snomobile for you with more than 20 different models, including the X models which are very popular. We also rent ATV, watercrafts, trailers and more. So that your experience is always most enjoyable, our fleet is totally renewed each year offering you vehicles in great condition. At the end of each season, our fleet is available for sale, so here's the opportunity to purchase a vehicle of the year ta a very attractive price!

Daniel Thiffault, President of the organization, is an ambitious man, determined, pasisonate about motorsports. Whether you want to rent or buy, you can always count on Daniel Thiffault to ensure customers' satisfaction. What is most important to him is establishing a personalized relationship with his customers based on professionalism and trust. Our reputation is built on constant quality of our personalized customer service.

Our mission is your entire satisfaction. At Les Véhicules Motorisés International (VMI Location), we know this getaway will be something to remember!